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Vintacular was founded on the principle that the boundary between the ordinary and the extraordinary is merely temporary. We believe that, given enough time, anything, even the truly ubiquitous, can experience a rebirth, not through the recognition of its intrinsic beauty but by virtue of its very survival. It is in this same spirit that we donate 10% of all sales to Heart For Lebanon, an organization dedicated to rebuilding the lives of the victims of the cataclysmic Beirut explosion that crippled a major city and left more than 300,000 people homeless.

About Us

Eric Robertson,

picker, curator

I began collecting vernacular photography more than a decade ago, captivated by both the artform and by the anonymity of the artists and sitters alike. It was not long until that curiosity evolved into a fascination with all manner of ephemera and popular culture. Everything, even the commonplace, tells a story. And preserving those stories is my passion.


We do not have a permanent brick and mortar location at this time, but you can find us participating in many pop up markets and flea markets in the Nashville area. Check our website and follow us on Instagram to see where we'll be next. We love hanging out with you!

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